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Who is Edward Fox?

Edward Fox is a Savannah, Georgia native. His passion for helping others has driven him to contribute to many honorable causes in the community. In his teen years Edward worked as a student leader with inner city children at an after school program and summer camp named Urban Hope. Edward is a man of integrity who enjoys teaching Sabbath School at West Broad Seventh Day Adventist Church.

He has always been considerate of the needs of those around him and looks for ways to amend problems that may arise. His focus is now on offering marketing and advertising solutions for business owners seeking to gain more repeat customers.  Edward believes in putting the customer first. Keeping an eye on customer’s pains and creating a solution that will move them from where they are to their desired reality is a specialty that Edward has worked hard to obtain. 


In 2016 Edward noticed the impact Social Media Marketing had on the businesses he interacted with online. This prompted him to study Social Media Marketing and advertising.  Since then he has taken multiple courses from Facebook, Google, and MOZ among others to learn valuable skills that would allow him to offer services to businesses that can take advantage of them. These courses have provided him with expertise in Social Media Account Management and Marketing , Search Engine Marketing and Optimization, Brand Management, and much more. Edward Fox was just 20 when he founded Fox Emergence in 2017. 

The mission of Fox Emergence is Moving Forward Better.