Business is based on relationships. The quality of the relationships a business has with its customers determines customer satisfaction along with lifetime customer value and how the business executes its marketing strategy which leads to how many new customers it can acquire. Your business can enhance its relationship with customers by increasing efficiency of communication. Chatbots are the way to do this without hiring more staff. A chatbot is a computer program which conducts a conversation in natural language via auditory or textual methods, understands the intent of the user, and sends an automated response based on business rules and data of the organization.  


Customers are connecting with businesses through messaging now more than ever and will increase over time. Nearly 78% of the worlds smartphone users send messages every month.  Across 8 markets surveyed globally, 80% of adults message daily. and 51% of people say messaging has replaced other forms of communication.  We are in a mobile first world so people now come to expect instant responses from businesses. The instant responses they expect can lead to faster conversions due to their questions being answered and feeling heard. Chatbots can provide a personalized experience for each individual customer which is important because 61% of people in the US message businesses. Over 8 Billion messages are exchanged between businesses and customers every month. In 15 markets messaging is preferred over calling a business. 


Messaging allows customers to form a meaningful connection with the business they want to spend their money with. These customers also want to know more about your brand and would like your recommendations on what to buy along with updates on new products and sales. Providing these features for your customers will become the norm when your new chatbot is working 24/7 to provide accurate and reliable customer service. Customers will love the ability to confidently connect with your brand in a way that wasn’t imaginable three years ago. Messaging businesses should be the modern way to communicate and your business needs to be accessible on your customers favorite messaging apps.